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Site Preparation

This involves clearing the construction site, grading the land, and compacting the soil. It is a critical step in the construction process as it lays the groundwork for a successful and safe project.

Earth Work

Before construction can begin, your site must be cleared and leveled. To excavate your site to the right level, machinery is used to prepare your site for the foundation of your structure to be poured or installed.

Land Clearing

Similar to both site prep and earth work, land clearing refers to the process of uprooting and clearing vegetation to prepare a site for a project. This can mean clearing the land for laying foundations or even increasing a property’s value. This is helpful for agricultural purposes and development, land clearing can provide more nutrient dense soil.


All activities related such as earth moving of any type of land, accumulation, relocation, loading and transportation of any earth material within the project or outside it (if necessary) that are related to the activities subject to the contract.

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